The supervised research by the postgraduate students in important areas of Applied Physics is also being done in collaboration with R & D Organizations like PAEC,Optics Lab. Institute of Optromics & Inmol etc. The laboratory work is backed up by state of art laboratories where students have the opportunity to perform experiments of an advanced level with the special emphasis on the applied concepts of Physics. The department so far has produced 448 M.Phil. and 466 M.Sc. students, who are serving in different educational institutes like Lahore College for Women University, G.C. University Lahore, G.C.University Faisalabad, F.C. College University, COMSATS, PIEAS, etc. R & D Organizations like PAEC, NESCOM, OPTICS Lab. KANUPP etc. and in the field of Medical Physics in Jinnah Hospitals, Mayo Hospital, Shaukat Khanum Hospital, INMOL etc. The department has also produced 29 Ph.D. and 26 are pursuing their Ph.D. degree. Many graduates are serving in foreign institutions.The primary aim of Ph.D. programme is to involve the post graduate students in those areas of Applied Physics, Nanoscience and Technology, which are important for Scientific and Technical Development in Pakistan.


Sr. No. Researchers Name of Research Project Funding Agency Year
    1. Prof. Dr. M. Shahid Rafique Structural Control & Application of Nano Assembly Pakistan Science foundation 2021
   2. Dr. Abdul Waheed Anwar (CO-PI) Enhancement in Multiferroic Behavior of BiFeO3 by Destroying its Spiral Spin Structure and Controlling Morphology NRPU, HEC 2021
    3. Prof. Dr. Shamaila Shahzadi (CO-PI) Development, characterization and biological efficiency of encapsulated essential oil (s) nanoparticles to control tick infestation in cattle Punjab Agricultural Research Board 2021
    4. Prof. Dr. M. Iqbal (PI) Self-organization of magnetized plasmas NRPU, HEC 2019