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Department of Physics

The Department was established in 1962. The faculty is highly qualified and motivated including twenty Ph.D members. The interdisciplinary curriculum draws on faculty expertise in many areas of Applied Physics and includes such courses as Laser Physics, Applied Atomic & Nuclear Physics, Solid State Physics, Computer Science and its applications and Electronics etc.

The department has seven well-equipped laboratories where students perform experiments of advanced level. At present the Department is providing facilities to the Postgraduate classes for research. The department is running M. Phil (Applied Physics) and Ph.D. (Physics) programme since 1999.  The M.Phil (Physics) curriculum balances many important dimensions of both general and Applied Physics employing both conceptual and Technical approaches, the programme provides students with a solid base of general skills through core courses, and then enriches that knowledge through specialized advanced electives, laboratory work and research in various fields of physics. The students are expected to undergo research projects with the guidance and supervision of a highly qualified faculty.
The supervised research by postgraduate Studies in important areas of Applied Physics is also being carried out in Collaboration with R&D organizations like PAEC, Optics Lab, and Institute of Optronics & INMOL etc.
The laboratory work is backed up by state-of-the-art laboratories where students have the opportunity to perform experiments of an advanced level with the special emphasis on the applied concepts of Physics.  The primary aim of these programs is to involve the postgraduate students into those areas of Applied Physics which are important for Scientific and Technical Development in Pakistan.  The departmental research activities are backed up by two following research centers having the-state-of-art equipment.